Continuum Group Ukraine

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Continuum Group Ukraine
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Continuum Group Ukraine is one of the largest players in the fuel market in Ukraine

Continuum Group Ukraine

Continuum Group of Companies is one of the largest players in the fuel market in Ukraine. Develops a network of gas stations and wholesale trade. According to the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the Continuum Group cooperates with 224 companies.

Continuum group Ukraine includes WOG Ukraine[1] network, the Ukrainian leader in the number of gas stations (over 450), the Kherson refinery, one of the largest milk processing companies - the Western Dairy Group, and other assets in the energy and food industries. The shareholders of the group are the children of the late Igor Yeremeyev, Stepan Ivakhiv, Sergey Lagur and Petr Dyminsky.


Continuum Group Ukraine[2] was established in 1992, in the city of Lutsk (Volyn Region, Ukraine) by two comrades: Igor Yeremeyev and Stepan Ivakhivym. It was a difficult time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, all the economic ties that had existed in the country, collapsed, and the new, market ones were established. Igor Yeremeyev and Stepan Ivakhiv studied together at the institute in Lviv, where they launched a project – manufacturing of leather jackets. Stepan Ivakhiv had access to a factory in Lviv that manufactured leather goods, where future entrepreneurs bought leather for their products. The demand for leather jackets grew rapidly, and the production of Yeremeyev and Ivakhiv grew as well.

Later, entrepreneurs handed over the jacket business to their friend, and focused on the trade in petroleum products. A couple of years later, the well-known brand in the country WOG (West Oil Group) was launched, and business partners reoriented the business towards energy trade. The first gas station opened on the highway from Lutsk to Rivne. Today WOG has more than 450 gas stations throughout the country. In 2018, WOG Ukraine company[3] was recognized as the largest taxpayer in the country and has successfully passed all tax audits.

In 2001, Continuum Group Ukraine buys Dubnomoloko, a private joint-stock company, which will soon become a core asset of the company. Hard and processed cheeses are produces under the KOMO brand. Thanks to investments, the enterprise underwent a complete modernization, purchasing equipment in Germany, France, Poland. Moreover, today, products under the KOMO brand are leaders in Eastern Europe in product quality.

In 2002-2003, Continuum group acquired and upgraded two brick factories in Lviv and Transcarpathian regions. This is how the Euroton brand appeared - the leader of the domestic market for the manufacture and sale of face and clinker bricks. In 2005, a new five-star resort complex “Rixos-Prykarpattya”, Truskavets, joined the group of companies.

Continuum group Ukraine consists of:

  • Trade house Continuum Halychina
  • West Oil Group, WOG
  • West Milk Group (КОМО trademark)
  • Cheese Club LLC (Cheese Club trademark)
  • Milk Company Halychina
  • Kherson oil refinery
  • Investments and savings bank